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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists and the American Dental Association highly recommend that children visit the dentist shortly after their first tooth appears, which usually occurs around six months old.

At LifeSmiles Pediatric Dentistry, we believe in the importance of prevention and developing healthy habits at an early age.

We encourage parents to get their children accustomed to visiting the dentist in order to reduce the anxiety and stress that can sometimes occur. Regular visits also allow us to catch potential problems before they require more serious treatments, which saves your child from discomfort and saves you money on costly procedures.

Your Child’s Baby Teeth Are Important!

The importance of retaining baby teeth for as long as possible cannot be understated. They are essential for chewing, maintaining the space for permanent teeth, and the healthy development of your child. At LifeSmiles, we can help to protect your child’s baby teeth until they’re ready to come out on their own.

We Offer Oral Sedation Dentistry for Kids Who Are Uncomfortable Visiting the Dentist

We understand that no matter how hard you try to comfort some children, they have intense anxiety surrounding the dentist that makes trips to office extremely difficult. It can be hard for a parent to see their children experience such a high level of discomfort, and it's even harder for the child. That's why we offer safe sedation dentistry and painless dentistry options that can make the experience easier for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep your child's smile beautiful and healthy without the discomfort. Dr Gail is a caring and experienced dentist that your child will be happy to visit. Contact us today to schedule a visit. We love to meet new parents and help them learn how to care for their child's teeth.

If you’re searching for a caring and experienced dentist your child will be happy to visit, LifeSmiles is the place for you! Contact us today to schedule a visit with Dr. Gail; we love to meet new parents and help them learn how to care for their child’s teeth!