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"We had a 2 month old with upper lip tie and posterior tongue tie. Nursing was not possible because she was not able to latch and she was gulping air when bottle fed (which led to considerable gas discomfort). We knew the only fix was a frenectomy, but were nervous for our little one. Dr. Gail and her team were AMAZING! Very caring and gentle -explained everything they were doing beforehand. The procedure was completed very quickly, healing time was quicker than expected, and now our baby is able to nurse full time!! No more swallowing air or gas discomfort -our baby is so very happy! The change in her is astounding. Thank you!"


Dana Jarrell

“Thank you for your exceptional care over the years for Sean and Scott. We are truly blessed to have found you -twice! I am confident in Dr. Czarnecki’s ability to carry on your truly remarkable practice. Be well, Dr. Margolis. We hope to see you soon.

Dr. Gail was gentle, calm and friendly. She asked all the right questions about Sean’s level of tolerance, inquired about his personality and family life, and showed a true interest in getting to know Sean. Dr. Czarnecki was not rushed, and her techniques for cleaning and examination were very similar to your own. She made both Sean and I feel welcome and comfortable. Dr. Gail was very natural with Sean’s uniqueness, and she treated him with compassion and respect. And Sean’s smile looked beautiful after!

Sean was very proud of his exam, and used his signing to communicate how well he did to his dad and brother. I highly recommend Dr. Czarnecki. She is a gifted dentist, and she will serve all your patients well. Dr. Gail reminded me very much of you!


Jane Purcell

"My newborn wasn't latching and we called a lactation consultant. Her home visit indicated our son may have a lip and tongue tie which was preventing a good latch. She referred us to Dr. Margolis' office, where they have laser treatments to address both. We got an appointment the same day we called. It was nerve wracking taking a 2 week old to Highland Park from Oak Park -let alone thinking about the procedure. But I was determined to give breastfeeding my best shot. The procedure was quick and Dr. Gail Czarnecki was kind and compassionate. I am happy to report our son is almost 4 months old and plump as a turkey from breastfeeding. This office saved my breastfeeding relationship with my son. Thank you."


"We had our son (10 years old) in the office for a couple of procedures on 1-3-18. All I can say is that 'All About Kids Dentistry' has our highest recommendation. Dr. Gail, Alex and Phyllis are awesome. They made what could have been a very difficult visit totally smooth, perfect and had our son very comfortable and happy. I don't think he has had a better visit to the dentist than yesterday. Again -highest recommendation!!! Dr. Gail and the team were wonderful. My 1.5yr old son came in and left with a smile on his face. I would highly recommend this practice."