Our Howell, MI Dentists Offer Pediatric Zirconia Crowns That Look Just Like Real Teeth!

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Dental crowns offer a long-term solution or tooth restoration, removing the need for multiple ongoing treatments as your child’s teeth develop.

Has your child damaged one or more of their baby teeth? Is advanced dental decay putting them at risk for losing a baby tooth too early? It’s important for children to retain their baby teeth until it’s time for their adult teeth to come in. Losing them prematurely can result in difficulty chewing, speaking correctly, and self-esteem issues stemming from an incomplete smile.

Does my child need a pediatric dental crown?

Dental decay, cavities, chips, and defects are all common reasons a child may need a dental crown. Decay and cavities can result in soft teeth, putting them at risk of being causing discomfort or falling out entirely. Chipped teeth can result in discomfort as well, while also affecting your child’s beautiful smile. Dental crowns allow these issues to be repaired without the need to remove or replace the tooth. Additionally, they significantly reduce the risk of future tooth decay.

What type of crown is best for my child?

Here at LifeSmiles, we offer several types of dental crowns for children of all ages. For front teeth, we often recommend a white zirconia crown or a pre-veneered stainless steel crown, both of which have the most natural appearance. For molars, stainless steel crowns offer a durable and more affordable alternative. Our team can help you decide which option is right for your child based on the location and severity of the tooth damage. After a decision is made, we install your kid's crown in a procedure that is perfectly safe, performed by an experienced dentist using the most advanced technology available.

Here at LifeSmiles, we are committed to providing the latest and most advanced painless dentistry treatments, as well as put a strong emphasis on preventative dentistry, helping your child avoid the need for serious treatments whenever possible. When you choose LifeSmiles, you can rest assured that your child is getting the best dental care available in an environment where they can feel at home.